Lower School

At Central Florida Christian Academy, we believe that a child’s years in elementary school set the tone for a lifetime of learning. We cherish the opportunity to work with and inspire young learners during this pivotal period of academic life and spiritual development.

The Lower School at Central Florida Christian Academy provides an active learning educational environment for young learners from Transitional-Kindergarten to sixth grade. With a Biblical Worldview Integration in our academic program and an intentional focus on the needs of the whole child, our elementary school students are primed for middle school and beyond with a solid academic and spiritual foundation.

Our teachers work closely with all students to ensure they become compassionate, respectful, thoughtful class members who value each other and learn from their peers. Our teachers encourage creativity, critical thinking and problem solving as they guide students through the attainment of core content requirements.

Our academic curriculum reflects our belief that spiritual development, visual and performing arts, physical education, and technology complement the more traditional subjects of language arts and math in equipping our young leaders for the 21st Century. An intentional focus on writing and composition across all grade levels prepares our students for more advanced writing requirements in later years. Small group and/or individual presentations within the classroom build our students’ competence and confidence in oral expression.

Central Florida Christian Academy encourages students to explore their relationship with Christ and develop a profound, lifelong relationship with Him.

If you’re searching for a private elementary school in Orlando, Fla., that combines academic excellence with spiritual integrity, CFCA is the school for you and your child!

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