Upper School

The high school years are a definitive period in a young Christian’s life. They are a time of growth, spiritual maturity, and identity formation – a time when young people engage the world, exercise their talents, test their faith and spread their wings. That’s why we believe the high school experience should help teens flourish in mind, body and spirit, shaping them into responsible global citizens and servants of Christ.

In keeping with our mission, our private high school in Orlando, FL couples rigorous academics with spiritual truths, preparing teens for college, career and life. Our student-centered learning environment encourages intellectual inquiry, higher-level thinking and relevant learning experiences outside of the classroom to help students realize their full academic potential. For a CFCA student, academics are not all about test scores and facts, but about asking the right questions in the context of a Biblical worldview.

Central Florida Christian Academy provides a challenging college preparatory program with three tracks: Honors, AP (Advanced Placement) and Dual Enrollment at nearby Valencia Community College. Florida Virtual School online classes are also available. Students have access to an unrivaled, state-of-the-art science lab, computer lab, art lab, and media center/library, which train students in 21st-century skills and facilitate research-based practices in the classroom.

Because of their many opportunities, CFCA high-schoolers consistently score at or above the state and national norms on standardized tests (scores are available upon request), and graduates are accepted into many of the nation’s top colleges.

But, perhaps most importantly, our private high school in Orlando, FL helps students attain spiritual maturity. Through God’s Word and our Kingdom education, they are led to Christ, developing a profound, lifelong relationship. They are trained in the Biblical model of leadership, practicing service, evangelism and meaningful church involvement. Discipline is developed within the framework of these biblical principles. CFCA also provides a number of hands-on learning opportunities for high schoolers to put their faith and leadership skills into practice.

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